Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aw, Shit

Some weird, scrawny European woman parked at the side of the road decided to make a left turn right in front of me (and then stop in the middle of the road) on Monday as I was on my way to have sushi. Nobody gets between me and sushi. ARGH!
The first words out of her mouth: "I made an illegal U-turn, and I don't have insurance. Please let me pay you. I have money. Please don't call the police."
She was completely over-reacting over the relatively minor amount of damage and no injuries. Both cars still were drivable.
So I called 9-1-1. Four attempts later (thanks, Verizon) I finally got through ... to Bakersfield CHP. Luckily, a neighbor who heard the crash also had called.
The woman was acting so strangely, shaking and even grabbed my arm while I was attempting to call the cops, hoping to pull the phone from my ear. This is when I got back in my car, locked the door and plugged in the phone, as it said "very low battery," even though I had three battery bars. (Piece of shit phone!)
I tried to call Ricky, and of course the call wouldn't go through after several tries. Shit. I was on my way to meet our friend Dave at the sushi place, so I tried to call him. Luckily I got through on Try 2, told him I'd been in a wreck, and could he maybe come help me out, because I didn't know what this strange woman was going to pull. (It helps to have friends who are about 6'5" and have a booming voice. Tee hee.) When he arrived, I used his phone (must ask who the provider is) to get call through to Ricky and let him know what happened and that I was OK.
I hit her pretty hard, and still can't believe my air bag didn't deploy. Toyotas take a great hit!
Oh, her car: It was a Honda, maybe 6-10 years old, and had dents on practically every square inch. I wasn't even sure at first which one I had made.
My damage doesn't look that bad, but I'll bet it's at least $4,000 worth because the front unipanel is messed up, and the hood is crooked.
I have to wait a few weeks to hear the results from the police report. The cop (who got there about an hour later) was very nice. I whispered to him that she was acting weird and said she didn't have insurance. She did, however, appear to provide him proof of coverage, although he raised an eyebrow at it and said, "This doesn't look much like a new car." There was a temporary registration taped to her windshield.
I gave him my side of the story and he asked me to leave so he could talk to her. I have no idea what she said about me.
So, I'll get my car to the shop and will let you know what the damage was. Sigh. At least nobody got hurt.


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