Monday, October 02, 2006

We ... Are ... The 80s

Oh, gawd. The 80s are back in a big way. I saw it coming when leggings appeared a couple years ago at a Paris fashion show. I guess it was inevitable. And now "skinny jeans" are what we're supposed to be wearing. What about big hair? I still see a lot of Farrah hair out there, but I think I'm detecting the faint odor of perm solution and hair spray. (Note to self: Buy stock in Aqua Net.)
I loved my big hair. The photo is from 1986. I was 16. The same guy who sometimes did Paul Stanley's hair cut my hair, too. Hurley at Hair Pirates in Altadena. He had perfect wavy rocker hair down to his ass. Awesome.
I would save up my money for months to get my hair cut there. Back then, it was around $50 for a basic hair cut with no styling. I think my first job paid around $3.25 an hour. Ah, priorities.
I spent hours getting maximum height out of my mane, and if you touched the top of my hair it would make a CRUNCH sound. I had to shampoo three times to get all the goo out. I would hold down the button of my hair spray for a minimum of 30 seconds at a time.
Global warming? Yeah, that was me. Sorry about that.
Gosh, what else about the 80s? The music was nowhere near as good as the 70s, but it was OK. I got to attend several heavy metal concerts. Kiss, Ozzie, Metallica. I also hung out with a number of musicians who had dreams of making it big someday. I even took up the bass for a little while, until I got tendonitis so bad I hardly could hold the thing anymore. Of course I now wish I had toughed it out. Chicks who could plunk out a beat on the bass were pretty much guaranteed a spot in any garage band.
Recently, Ricky bought me a Judas Priest CD. It's really interesting to listen to the lyrics now that we know what Rob Halford was really singing about. Awesome.
The cars then were kind of ugly. Not too many classic 80s cars, except perhaps the Corvette. I drove a 1982 Chevy Cavalier my aunt gave me. The first car that was all mine. I loved it, although it went zero to 60 in ... about a fortnight.
Well, here's to the 80s. May your stirrup pants not ride down your ass and your hair never go flat.


Blogger Holly said...

bwahahaha! Your hair is awesome!

I had big ol' bangs in the 80s, my brother had a pompadour at one point. So we used a lot of Cha-Cha Net, too. I think everyone who had fabulous hair in that decade is to blame for our current environmental problems. (And it probably explains why so much of my hair has fallen out now!)

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