Monday, October 16, 2006

Visited Again

I love weird things.
Yesterday, Ricky and I were taking a break, sitting in front of the TV about to fall into a Sunday nap, and he says, "Say hi to Dad."
Then I smelled the scent of a cigarette that just has been lit. Neither one of us smoke, and neither did the original owners of the home.
Call us crazy, but this happens a few times a year. We choose to believe.
Before the smoke smell came, I already had thought my right side was feeling cold but it was plenty warm in the house. I was sitting to Ricky's left and lifted my right arm to show him the goosepimples. He got out of his chair and stood in the cold spot. Freaky!


Blogger Robert said...

Freaky, yet a bit lovely. Who or what do you think it is? You believe it's your dad?

Nice picture btw. I could actually use some Coca Cola now! hmm...

6:22 PM  

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