Monday, August 07, 2006

Gay Rodeo

I went to the gay rodeo yesterday in Burbank. What a blast! It was one huge party. Most of the people were outside the arena having a great time. There was a big dance floor, LOTS of booze, many things to see and do -- even drag queen bingo.
Yep. Some really great eye candy. I could have just sat there and watched half naked buff guys getting drunk and being silly all day. And since they were interested in each other, us ladies could just sit and stare all we wanted without a care or an ounce of guilt. Lovely, lovely. Plus the guys seemed to enjoy being watched.
A win-win situation.
I also met some guys who sell "bear wear" ... one was a leather biker guy with a handlebar mustache. The real life Big Gay Al. I loved this guy. I wanted to buy him a beer.
I got Ricky a T-shirt with a reclining bear on it. If he were gay, he might be a bear, or perhaps an otter (because he's not hairy.)
Also lots of older couples, holding hands and simply enjoying each other's company. Some had kids with them. It felt really good to be alive in a time where people can do this. There's still a lot of fear in the world, but it's getting better all the time. It wasn't that long ago, when I was growing up, a couple might have the shit kicked out of them for holding hands in public.
Even a Catholic church had a booth there. A number of parishes are trying really hard to reach out to the gay community. Now THAT is something I never would have thought I would see in my lifetime. Sure, these are independent parishes, but there were no officals from the Diocese there shaking a finger at them. Amazing. Remarkable.
The rodeo itself? An afterthought, really. Not terribly organized. Some silly events, and amateur rough stock riders trying their best out there to win $50 and a buckle. But to me, that's a genuine rodeo. People sharing something they love, and not trying to win a pile of money ... or even glory, really. Just a great time. The PRCA could learn a lot watching these cowboys and cowgirls doing their thing.